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N in azaleas

Forget math. It's mornings that are hard..

I only bypassed the iced coffee place this morning with a self-promise of Diet Dr. Pepper and the ability to gloat about saving $4.75. Now that I'm up in the office, I want the coffee.

So, is it selfish not to take my cousin to school when I have already left for work, would have to backtrack to get her, and I know she can ride the bus? I rode the bus every day when I was two years younger than she is now. I'm thinking of riding it again now, as $6/day for parking is pretty ridiculous.

Met with a wonderful woman at Neighborhood Centers Inc yesterday. They do much non-profit work in disadvantaged neighborhoods in Houston. Speaking with her, it was easy to envision myself a zealot for her cause. Sadly, I'd have to be a poor zealot. Is that a bad trade?

I'll need to get a pic of Nicokitty, lord of the fries, up here soon. Guess that means I'll have some learning to do this afternoon.



About the cousin (since I only know of one of us still in need of rides to school.....) Nah. I started riding the Metro everywhere when I was 12- my sister hit the metro at 10. and it didn't harm either of us in the least... and if it's the school bus- even better... that's free *Laughs* I just never qualified for the school bus.

Drink your Dr Pepper and try not to think of the coffee ;) I'm trying not to think of anything caffinated... since I'm only drinking fruit juice in the mornings now.
Oh, goodie. I'm not as mean as I am to believe I am?
Got the DP in the early afternoon. One morning down with no caffeine!
N in azaleas

September 2009

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