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N in azaleas

The spirit is willing but..

So, I like this time of year, especially here in the South where the sun shines late into the afternoon. It's cool, it's pretty, and it's a holiday season.

I keep thinking I'll get a holiday letter out. I've written one, but I'm afraid it's not interesting enough to mail. Humor on demand is a difficult thing, it turns out.

Other things I keep thinking I'll start but haven't -- holiday decorations. I have some. I love ornaments. I'd like a tree. Sadly, I don't think I can fit a tree past the LazyBoy that Ate the Living Room. I could put up a smaller tree or greenery or something. I even begin to think about what I could put up during the week.

But, you know. I need to be packing now to leave tomorrow. Guess I'll have to save the present-wrapping, card distribution, and decorations until next week..Maybe I can finish the thank you notes tonight.

Happy Holidays, all!


Happy Holidays!

They have midget trees at kroger these days- small enough to fit on top of a table if you feel so inclined.

Although- a word of warning. Those "live" trees that are small too and supposedly all that and a box of paperclips- they're incredibly prickly (Ow!) and hard to dispose of when dead. Just wasn't satisfying last year... we'll probably pick up a table tree of a 5 footer next week... might be the last Christmas with a real sized tree for a while since we're looking into small apartments for next year.

Oh and mail out the letter. Funny or not- I love mail *grins*

Which brings me to an apology. I realized I put your wedding invitation in the same pile as the invitation for a wedding a little later in the new year, intending to mail both out ASAP- realized yours was late. I am SO incredibly sorry- it's going in the mail on Monday. :)
N in azaleas

September 2009

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