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N in azaleas


Brandon says I've been jones-ing for LJ, and he's not far wrong. My current client has a firewall that won't let me view Live Journal, so I don't know what's going on in the world anymore.

Ok, that's an overstatement, but I have missed my daily reading.

B is packing his apartment (slowly), in preparation for moving to Hou. I'll miss him especially when he's moved. He's moving into my apartment in Hou, but I'll still be working in Dallas. Irony, thy name is consulting?

Ana got out last Thursday night, and we didn't know until Friday night. In a few months, I may be asking if anyone would like a kitten, as I had not yet had the chance to spay her.

It's hard to write a note to your grandmother when you're pretty sure she has trouble understanding what she reads these days. You may want to let your shared humor and whimsy shine through, though you may find yourself writing of very nondescript activities ("tonight, we started packing") because you figure they may make sense. I hate watching dementia. I console myself with the thought that when my mind goes, I probably won't know.

Wedding plans continue slowly.

See, this is why I avoid melodrama and tragedy in my fiction -- I can live enough of it in my real life.

Things are good, though. I have excellent junk books, and Brandon gives me all the strawberry starbursts. Can't beat that.



Try Bloglines!

It's what I'm using to keep up with blogs, and also with a few LiveJournals like this one. See if your client allows access to Bloglines (bloglines.com, predictably), and then you can read your journals all in one place.

-- Robert
Oh that REALLY sucks! How much longer will you be in Dallas? And Brandon moves to Houston... end of this month?

This may be a completely unwelcome comment, and if it is, please try to ignore it.. :) .. It's probably still early enough that you could go ahead and get Ana spayed, and even if she did have a rendezvous, if it's early the spaying takes care of the pregnancy too.. I'm not sure how long cats gestate let alone when a procedure could be done, but I imagine your vet knows. :)

I'm sorry about your grandmother. **HUG** Which reminds me I really ought to write my grandfather too. :/

I'm supposed to have been making you more appointments for cake and DJ's. Eep. Sorry! :) I'm off work tomorrow, so I can make some calls. Will you be in Houston next weekend, and would there be a good time for me to make appointments for you? Cyndi wrote me with some DJ information too.

I finished the Vorkosigan series tonight. .. ... NOW what am I supposed to read?? :P (I've only been focusing on this same series for months.. lol.. what do you MEAN there's a finite number of them??)
N in azaleas

September 2009

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