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N in azaleas

There's a reason to use professional groomers..

It's so you won't end up in the Vet Emergency Hospital at 2:30 am Saturday morning, because you're pretty sure you're not supposed to be seeing a surface that looks like raw chicken where you were trying to cut out a matt of fur.

So, poor Nicholas now has stiches and has to wear an Elizabethan collar. It's not entirely rigid -- it's more like a bright blue, cone-shaped baby's bib. Fortunately, he seems to have decided he's fancy in his new ensemble. He parades round, tail held high, pleased.

He is not pleased when Ana chases after him and tries to attack a string trailing from his costume. It interferes with his dignity.

Those of you who know Nicholas know he usually has no dignity. It's been pretty sad/funny to watch.


Nicholas is the only cat I've ever heard of who doesn't treat an Elizabethan collar as a Fate Worse Than Death. Even most dogs (a species not known for a strong sense of dignity) seem to hate it.

Hope he recovers swiftly.
Thank you!

This one isn't one of those cones that stands up on its own; it is more like a blue apron-affair. The first day or so, he objected to it strenuously and tried to back away from his head. Now, he's resigned.

I did see a terrier wearing one of the rigid cone-shaped ones. A bright red one. From the dog's demeanor, you'd guess he was starting a fashion. He was certain he looked FABulous.
N in azaleas

September 2009

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