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N in azaleas

I've read that sense of smell is a powerful memory trigger..

..but reading that and wondering why you keep thinking you're in the Brown dorm from Rice University are two different things. The building I'm working in this week (and probably for the next several months) smells exactly like Brown Commons.

It's an odd feeling and strangely makes it harder to concentrate on staying in the "corporate" persona. Still, I don't think they'd appreciate it if I wore flip flops to the office.

At least the cube area I am sharing with two other people is along the wall with a window. I'm still threatening to bring in my light box. And I'll need to get one for the fiance's cave, while I'm at it. How he lives with no sunlight is a mystery to me.


I'm clear from allergies so rarely... that it always surprises me when I *smell* something that triggers a memory. Just the other day driving home from work I had the windows rolled down and there was something about the smell of the galleria area that reminded me of being 14/15 and taking a trip to the galleria with my mom.... wierd... it felt very wierd *Laughs*

(You know I gotta ask so I'm sure you'll forgive me) When might you be in town? It would be lovely to see you again!
I know what you mean! Sometimes in the vending machine at work they have those tiny little sandwich cookies. If anybody has a package of them open, the smell makes me feel happy like when we used to go College-hopping and I used my food plan money to buy lots of those little tiny cookies. :D (Oh, and I also crave tiny cookies when I smell them. LOL!)

I miss you!!
N in azaleas

September 2009

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