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N in azaleas

In more cheerful news...

Turns out my current client breeds British Shorthairs. Click here to view them. Brits are still growing for the first 5 years of their life, she says, and usually are about 16 pounds. They're lovely cats, and it was interesting to talk to her. When she got started, she flew her first cat back from California first class.

Her first three cats were altered cats -- I didn't even know you could show altered cats! She only started breeding about 5 years ago. She won't sell to anyone who will de-claw cats.

All this from a lady who grew up with dogs. That first cat she showed was the first cat she owned.


I have never seen this breed before, but I think I'm in love now. I wonder now if Bruce's girlkitty may not be part British shorthair (she was a shelter kitten) -- she's got the same eyes and coat.

The babies are too adorable for words.
Oh, what cuties! Good thing I already have my three and am not tempted to get more. :)

She won't sell to anyone who will de-claw cats.

Huzzah and praises upon her! :)


Yay! Thanks for the vicarious kitty thrills....
If what you need is the vicarious thrill of kitties, then add Kittenbreak to your friend's page, and you'll get a vicarious kitty every day! (And soon I'll be submitting pictures of my own felines there, so maybe someday you'll get MY kitties vicariously.)
Done. Yay!
Persians with short coats! *grins*

Oh yes about showing alters. *shudders* I can't even imagine keeping a whole cat... the cat we had growing up wasn't spayed for 10 years. I promised myself when she was spayed when I was 16 that I would NEVER have another female in heat again.
N in azaleas

September 2009

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